Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I am an heir to a jagged edged apprehension:
no one and no thing will claim me
by claiming,
teach me to claim myself.

As I race toward the grave
mainlining self-doubt,
snorting regret,
confusing mere stimulation for feeling and
pulse for life;

My repreve comes in
the echo of a soul writ large,
a voice laced with crystal sugar and
singing of joyful misery without the
oft obligatory shame.

It is a voice that
repeats a vow I had only heard before
in dreams;
a promise
to cry my tears when I can't.

*Written in tribute to Amy Winehouse.  I wanted to express what her music has meant to me. Artists have the power to transform the consciousness of others, but they can pay a heavy price for that power.  I hope that Amy has the peace in death that she could not find in life.

-For OpenLinkNight at http://dversepoets.com/


  1. Great tribute in verse, really brought through your feeling toward her work.

  2. to cry my tears when i can't yes this is a fine tribute to a creative soul taken too soon...

  3. oh this made me sad... this is a lovely, strong tribute. I miss amy... she's one of my fav singers ever..

  4. Good point, how she sang her truth without the 'obligatory shame'!

  5. race toward the grave the grave was cool. does it mean you are living a wild life, close to death? does it mean as you get older, it seems like you are racing to death. could mean so many things.

  6. ..sadly lines.. and you did give justice with that tribute.. she would love it, i know...(:

    Thanks for the poem.

    ~Kelvin S. M.

  7. This is a touching tribute, I feel you captured her torment so well here. Enjoyed this write ~ Rose

  8. A wonderful tribute to an amazing talent