Tuesday, July 5, 2011


You made a choice which allowed you to keep
the world you knew.

The world beyond was a child’s fantasy-
to you
even in its very real appeal.

You chose what you valued, but
to your surprise
that fact did not make what you got a treasure.

Once, you only needed your prize for love.
Now, you need it to make up for all
you believe you have lost.

Instead of a victor
you feel like a human sacrifice to ideology
to a wish of the mind that destroyed hope and

And what of your discarded love?
Like a prodigal
you now see it as the gem it could
never have been before.

But is this impulse Truth, or
is it the desire of an ego to keep itself safe and fed?

Regret makes us bolder, but
it does not always make us wise.

Which option should you have chosen?

What price could you afford to pay?

-For “One Shot Wednesday” at http://onestoppoetry.com/


  1. love is always the best choice, though should be measured so that one is not fooled with infatuation...look back, look forward, look now...proceed...

  2. Love is always the right choice...the rest we figure as we go along.

  3. Thank for the responses to my poem. I wanted this poem to be about the nature of making choices and how our view of what we have chosen changes after we have made a decision. Where I finally want to go with this poem stumps me.

  4. i was never good at making decisions (still have trouble with them), but sometimes it is easier to go with what you know or what you thought you always wanted because it is safe. To deter from that is scary and hard. Often you don't realize the impact of your decision until after you've made it. I think you built the "comfort" decision well at the start of the poem.

  5. awesome poetry.

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